CBM Produced Water Purification

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CBM Produced Water Purification

Chemical Injection Process
Rapid Barium Removal

Treatment of water produced by coal bed methane (CBM) recovery in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming poses a formidable challenge for environmentally sound water disposal and beneficial re-use. Group IIA metals variably present inCBM discharge water (also called alkaline earth metals) include Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), and Barium (Ba). These highly electropositive elements comprise the second most reactive group of metals and adversely impact soils, contaminate drinking water, and therefore are subject to stringent Federal and State water quality regulations.

CleanSweepBariumTM chemical injection/precipitation process provides the most cost effective solution to the Barium removal challenge for CBM producers. Applied as a pre-treatment or a stand alone solution, the ETT, Inc.  CleanSweepBariumTM system solves Barium compliance and cost issues simultaneously with clean, compliant discharge.

How CleanSweepBariumTM Process Works
Produced water high in Barium content is routed directly from target CBM outfall to a linear mixing chamber following injection of proprietary reactant chemical. Subsequent containment for precipitant formation precedes final compliant discharge or further treatment as desired. Acumulations of Barite Precipitate may be collected for landfill solid waste disposal or sale.



  •     Confirmed Economical Technology
  •     Automatic Operating Process
  •     All Weather Operation
  •     pH Control
  •     Barium Removal/Reduction
  •     Bicarbonate reduction
  •     Alkalinity Control
  •     Pre-treatment Capabilities


  •     Lowest Barium Removal Cost
  •     No Reservoir Construction
  •     No injection permitting
  •     No soils studies
  •     Minimal Regulator contact
  •     Automatic pH controlled injection
  •     EPA Laboratory Confirmation
  •     WY DEQ Approved