TBEC, Inc. produces professional, ready-to-submit compliance documents including maps, spreadsheets and decison support information using computer-aided design, geographic information system and U.S. EPA Air and Water Quality Modeling Software.

Expert application of advanced technology at TBEC yields accurate quantification for precise environmental impact evaluation as well as efficient and timely permit application submission for compliance fee minimization.

Coal-bed Methane Production Services

  •     CleanSweepBariumTM
  •     CBM Produced Water Purification
  •     Surface Use Plans completion
  •     Application for Permit to Drill (APD)
  •     Water Management Plans
  •     Plan of Development (POD) support

Water Quality Compliance

  •     NPDES Discharge Permitting
  •     Water Quality Sampling and Analysis
  •     Potable Water System Compliance
  •     Section 303 Permits
  •     Point Source Discharge Permitting
  •     SPCC Plans
  •     Underground Injection Control Permitting
  •     Storm water Pollution Prevention
  •     Use Attainability Analysis

Waste Management

  •     Soil Sampling and Analysis
  •     RCRA Permitting
  •     Hazardous Waste Management

Air Quality Permitting

  •     WAQD Chapter 6, Section 2 Operating Permits
  •     Construction Permits
  •     Compressor/Generator Permitting
  •     Ambient Dispersion Modeling
  •     Permit Updates & Modifications
  •     CEM Certification and Compliance
  •     Ambient Air Monitoring
  •     Meteorological Monitoring
  •     Title V Compliance
  •     Leak Detection and Repair


  •     Coal-bed Methane Permitting
  •     Oil and Gas Permitting and Consulting
  •     U.S. Dept. of Energy Employment and Contracting
  •     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Employment
  •     State Environmental Departments Employment
  •     Major Private Consulting Firms Employment
  •     Major Pipeline Corporations
  •     Major Petroleum and Petrochemical Corporations

Thunder Basin Environmental Consulting, Inc. is a Wyoming-based consulting firm providing environmental permitting and management services for Oil and Gas Industry compliance with environmental regulations impacting Wyoming energy development since 1990.

Selected Clients

  • Lario Oil and Gas Company
  • Mercury Exploration
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Polfam Exploration
  • Prima Oil and Gas, Inc.
  • Quaneco, Inc.
  • Ranch Oil Company
  • RIM Operating
  • River Oil and Gas Company


Basic Earth Science Systems

  • Arnel Oil Company
  • Ballard Petroleum
  • Emerald Operating Company
  • Evertson Companies
  • Enernet of Wyoming
  • Fluor-Daniel
  • Interline Resouces Corporation
  • Sinclair Oil